• The DH Transformation Genesis is coming home to Tervuren, Belgium 24th - 27th September


  • We’ve added an extra day this year – 4 days of action packed learning, networking opportunities and high value prizes to be won!


The fitness and coaching industry is extremely competitive.

Only a small percent make it in the business. 

Social media is saturated with fitness influencers, offering training tips, videos, guidance, webinars, programs and conflicting information. 

So who should you believe? 



Hey! We are a group of trainers on a mission. A mission to revolutionise the fitness education industry. Our aim is to give you as much value and usable information as possible. 

This DH TRANSFORMATION GENESIS is designed to help you improve your coaching skills by providing all the information you need to ensure better results with your clients and a better career for yourself.


We know what we are talking about. We have travelled the world to learn from the very best coaches in the business. We've helped countless people change their lives for the better. We've coached Olympians, world record holders, professional athletes and sports teams. We've written books, we've done podcasts, we own gyms and we are in the trenches every day, getting results for our clients.

With decades of coaching experience, education, knowledge and wisdom between us, we want to share what has worked for us so we can help you!

We promise to give you no-holds barred information, we will share ALL the secrets that have made us successful in our field PLUS, once again, we will be donating the proceeds of this event to charity.

"Knowledge not shared, is knowledge wasted".

- Dan, Levi, David, Marius & Marc


  •  looking to advance their career and improve as a trainer

  •  looking for practical information and knowledge to achieve the best possible results with clients

  •  wanting to take their coaching skills to the next level for gen pop, athletes, and those with more complex coaching needs

  • wanting to learn from the best names in the industry


The last Transformation Genesis was a huge success with over 60 coaches, thirsty for knowledge,  travelling to Belgium from all around the world.


Here's what some of them said:-

”I attended The Genesis in Belgium in Spring 2019. I've followed the industry leader and legend Charles Poliquin (RIP) on social media, and I knew these guys have done a lot of studies with Charles and are someone that Charles has previously recommended. So, I knew beforehand this event would have some quality information shared. Even so, at the end I was surprised how much knowledge the speakers had. One thing what I was really happy with was the feeling that these guys are not hiding anything and are willing to share any information they have to help you to become a better coach. I've been to many courses before, but I've never paid so little for such amount of wisdom. Totally worth of the money!"

- Coach John F., UK

”I highly recommend The Genesis for anyone who wants to become a better trainer. After The Genesis I started to get better results immediately with my clients and now few months later, I'm fully booked for personal training (and I have a waiting list too!)."

- Personal Trainer Sarah G., Germany

"Amazing event! These guys are geniuses! Three days spent in best possible way. Thank you! See you on the next one!"

- Coach Roy M., Finland




  • 4 full days of high-quality education in a five star location
  • lectures about training, nutrition, performance, program design, and much more!
  • practical, hands-on coaching sessions
  • additional expert speakers from the industry
  • unique chance to learn from successful and  international coaches from around the world
  •  tons of practical and science-based information from the strength and conditioning industry
  • tried, tested and proven methods and tools to maximize the results and performance
  • ways to integrate and immediately apply your new found knowledge with your clients
  • new perspectives and strategies to implement
  • business tips and strategies
  • networking opportunities with top-level coaches from the USA & Europe
  • goodie bag and big value prizes


In today's world, with so much free information and education, you can potentially read and listen to theories from a variety of sources. Anyone can go to the library, apply for university, research and broaden their spectrum of knowledge for free. But with all the overwhelming amount of information - how do you know what is useful? And is the strength and conditioning industry really that simple - is just the knowledge itself enough? Is that all you need to make it a success? Definitely not

The secret of success is the ability to apply this knowledge. And let us tell you this: it is not something you learn from books alone.

It is something you can only get by learning from the people who are testing and putting it into daily practice in the real world with real people. Coaches who are committed to turning their knowledge into results every day with the general population, athletes, injury & rehab cases, transformations, performance, and the list goes on... Who would you trust - a person who has studied for years but never coached a client, or a person who has done both with great success day in, day out?

We've spent years on coaching, years on investing in our education, going through the research, testing out different methods, wasting our time on useless protocols, making mistakes, and failing. It has taken time, experience, and more time, to find the techniques which lead to progressive results, no matter how challenging the cases. Now here's the question: Why would you waste your time making the same mistakes we've made before? Why would you spend years trying to figure out what matters in the industry, when you have an opportunity to hear exact answers just by joining the DH Transformation Genesis?

So if you recognise yourself from the descriptions below, you MUST join:

  • You are a personal trainer or a coach who wants to provide a high level of coaching

  • You want more practical tools for personal training

  • You have a passion to become a better coach

  • You want to raise your coaching standards

  • You want better results with your clients

  • You want to make a name in the field of personal training and strength & conditioning

  • You DON'T want to waste your time on nonsense information and prefer learning the tried and tested techniques

Topics for the DH Transformation Genesis include:-

David Lawrence

"Producing fast transformations with professional athletes"

Dan Hunter

"Advanced supplementation for hypertrophy and fat loss"

"The DH blueprint for fat loss with every client"

"Carbohydrates: Your secret fat loss weapon"

Marius Nydegger

"Eccentric and isometric progressions for strength and performance"

"Special methods for hypertrophy and fat loss"

Levi Earl

"The Bigger Picture"

"How to improve the sport of football"

Marc Lubetzki

"Accelerate your fat loss results with group training: how to start and structure group trainings"


Christian Thibaudeau

A special all day presentation on

"Thib's training secrets to maximise hypertrophy and strength development"

The MTM Crew

“Your unique brand for lasting success"


More surprise guests




The price of this whole 4 day event is €699.

When was the last time you made as good investment for your career?

DH Transformation Genesis



Q: Hey, I'm quite new to the industry. Can I still join this Genesis?

A: Absolutely! We will simplify the complicated things we speak about so everyone can understand


Q: I attended the previous DG Transformation Genesis in Belgium ... Will this be different?
A: This is a brand new Genesis with brand new topics! If you liked the 1st one, you will like this one too!

Q: Where is this event?
A: In Brussels, Belgium. ​The address of the event will be launched later.

Q: When will you be in USA next?
A: Soon! But don't waste time waiting, join us first in Belgium ;)

Q: I'm in! How do I book?
A: Just click the Book Me In button and pay it straight off with PayPal, or contact us via email

Q: Can I bring my whole team with me? If I bring more than five people can I get a discount?
A: Of course you can bring as many coaches as you want! We can discuss discounts for bigger groups, please email

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